Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sheryl Tracy Gamble-Gaughan abuses her own child

Just when you think that Sheryl Tracy Gamble couldn't sink any lower...she does.

Tracy has once again used images of her children in a disgusting way in order to blame someone else for it.

This time, Tracy has uploaded a video of her own child (or grand child) with KNIFE WOUNDS  superimposed over the little girls face. Tracy then tried to blame that channel (and video) on someone else.

But thanks to the sharp eye of The Puppet Master aka The Dark Zodiak, Tracy was caught. Once again, The Dark Zodiak pwns Sheryl Tracy Gamble.

Here is his video proving that Sheryl Tracy Gamble does indeed own the channel that created that video:

The Dark Zodiak pwns Tracy Gamble AGAIN!

This isn't the first time that Sheryl Tracy Gamble has uploaded pictures of her own children in an attempt to place the blame on someone else...

In fact, Sheryl Tracy Gamble had done the very same thing before..on her Tgamblehometruths channel

That time, Sheryl Tracy Gamble had uploaded a video containing pictures of her children...and made comments about how she was going to pass those pictures along to child porn sites. Tracy also tried to place the blame for that video and channel on another innocent youtube user.

However, once again Tracy Gamble got caught (because she is dumb..I mean REALLY dumb)

And it was proven to be her own channel..which you can see here :

Tracy Gamble makes channels with images of her own children in a foul attempt to blame other people for it

Note the remove comment and block user option she shows in her video. Only the channel owner sees those one else can see those options.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble shares that channel (along with all of her other channels) with her internet, alcoholic boyfriend Theboohooeffects.

That is the very same channel that made a disgusting sexual remark about a 5 year old little boy, which you can see here :

Sheryl Tracy Gamble and her internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects fantasize about little kids

Even though Theboohooeffects feigns disgust at Tracy's actions regarding kids (at least when they are fighting) He fully supports her in everything she does. Theboohooeffects encourages Tracy Gamble to stalk and harass children and their families...because he is just as sick as she is.

Theboohooeffects aka Beacons4Lives has admitted publicly several times that his girlfriend (Tracy Gamble) IS an internet stalker and that she DOES stalk peoples children, to use in her sick games. He admits that Tracy Gamble is a sick freak, has no job and sponges off her family...he also admits that she is a member of a psychopath forum.

Theboohooeffects has also admitted that Tracy Gamble posed as a teen girl when she first came to youtube..and when it was revealed that she was in fact a woman in her mid 40's with kids..he still stuck by her and supported her.

Theboohooeffects is not a real man..he is a coward, who attacks defenseless women and their children.

 Theboohooeffects is an unemployed alcoholic and literally spends each and every day following Tracy Gamble around on youtube, giving her support while she stalks innocent people and their children.

Even though Sheryl Tracy Gamble is married with children, Theboohooeffects is having an online relationship with her, including cyber sex with her on skype.

They are both very sick and disgusting people.

I am posting the entire video that Sheryl Tracy Gamble made to the archives.

You can see it here as well :

Full length video that Sheryl Tracy Gamble made, using a picture of her own child which she superimposed knife wounds on the childs face

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