Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sheryl Tracy Gamble-Gaughan's last video she uploaded

Sheryl Tracy Gamble is trying to erase all evidence of her being a stalker of kids and their families. She is closing her accounts, but claims she will continue to stalk her victims from her fail-blog that no one cares about.

She goes on to say that I'm now "Penny" (whoever that is?)..she also says that she is now stalking Penny's facebook, Penny's families facebook and she mentions that she will also be stalking Penny's son.

She then explains that she isn't Tracy..but in fact she is her estranged sister, Amber...who incidentally hates Tracy.

So apparently now Sheryl Tracy Gamble, from Barry, Wales is trying to place all of her stalking activities on her own sister's head.

In the video below, you will hear it all and more.

Here is the last video that Sheryl Tracy Gamble uploaded before she closed her Bos3l3ctor and Daftzodiak101 channels.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble's last video she uploaded before she fled youtube (She still has some accounts though that she lurks on)

So it's not enough that Sheryl Tracy Gamble stalks children, uses pictures of kids to stalk their families, fails to pay taxes, makes sexual comments about children, makes death threats to people online... and stole over 9,000 pounds from her own sister in she is stalking yet another person and trying to blame her own sister for it.

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