Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sheryl Tracy Gamble-Gaughan still fails

Even though Pamela Cook and Sheryl Tracy Gamble have now changed gears and are insisting that I'm now "Penny from Washington"...Tracy STILL has her video up claiming that I'm "Dana"

This is her video she still has up on her Bos3l3ctor channel   **Update** she closed this channel.

I have uploaded the above mentioned video, which you can see here:

Sheryl Tracy Gamble deletes her accounts to hide evidence of her stalking and harassing innocent people.

The comments that she's showing in her video are comments that were made on her Tgamblehometruths channel that she shares with her internet boyfriend, theboohooeffects.

That channel is the same channel that made the sexual comments about a 5 year old little boy...which you can see here..

Tracy Gamble's internet boyfriend makes sexual comments about a 5 year old child from their shared account

As you can see from the video that Tracy forgot to take down...she shows a remove comment, block user option. Only channel owners have that option.

So now we know that Tracy and her boyfriend (theboohooeffects) do indeed own that channel...the same channel that made a comment about how they were "masturbating" while thinking about a 5 year old child.

I have downloaded her video where it shows the remove comment/ block user option...because she will more than likely delete it. **UPDATE** lolol she deleted her account, just like I knew she would :)

If she removes that video, I will add it to the archives.

**UPDATE** The video has been added to the archives :)

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