Monday, January 16, 2012

Dale's Number One Fan

This is very amusing...

Yesterday, Dale (Montagraph) posted a video from his Imyourgh0st channel. It was a video of his "number one fan" calling him repeatedly. She clearly states her user name a couple of times...but I guess Dale was too paranoid to notice that.

Dale gets really paranoid and posts all of the voice mails in a video. From what I gather, he thought the caller was someone else....but alas, it was his "number one fan"

She mentions that she knows that Dale is "bi" (lolololol)..and eventually starts raging because Dale won't call her back.

Dale ends the video with wrapping his cell phone in tin foil..because according to Dale that keeps the government from "tracking" him.

Dale's number one fan calls him repeatedly..Dale gets paranoid and thinks it's someone else, so he posts it all.


The Facts are out! said...

Did you consider upoading the vids directly to the blog page instead of using youtube embeds?

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