Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheryl Tracy Gamble- Gaughan likes to stalk

Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales..the same person who stalked the youtube user Chang13a and his family until he committed suicide, is STILL stalking him. This is Dale's (montagraph) partner in crime. This is who Dale (montagraph) uses to help him stalk and harass people online. 

Another youtube user has documented Sheryl Tracy Gamble's stalking activities..which you can see here:

More youtube users come forward to stand up against Sheryl Tracy Gamble and her stalking 

In the above video, you will see Sheryl Tracy Gamble admitting that she is a will also see how she continually lies about her age, first pretending to be a "minor"

You will also see Sheryl Tracy Gamble admitting that her friend Dale (montagraph) is a "troll" and "cointelpro"

Sheryl Tracy Gamble also admits in the video that she "hates Gam"..aka Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina...who is Sheryl Tracy Gamble's stalking partner.

You will also see Sheryl Tracy Gamble make a comment about another youtube user, saying : "If she was within reach I would beat her fucking head in for her"..she then goes on to talk about how she thinks she found someone to kill that youtube user.

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