Saturday, December 31, 2011

There used to be a youtube user named Chang13a. He was bullied, stalked and harassed on a daily basis by Dale (montagraph) Tracy Gamble, Tracy's internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects and Tracy's psychotic friend, Dean Roger Ray (aka Teslacoils)

Another person who is in that group stalked Chang constantly. That persons name is Ken Rice aka Singledad03.

Ken Rice used to monitor Changs youtube channel for any tiny thing he could find, to bully Chang with. If Chang had favorited anime videos, in Ken's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo". If Chang uploaded a video of his female friends, in Ken's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo"

If Chang favorited a Boxxy video, in Ken Rice's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo"

Singledad03 aka Ken Rice had accused Chang of uploading a video of young girls "spreading their legs". This is a lie...and no such video has ever been seen.

Chang13a was a fighter against pedophiles. He worked  tirelessly to bring down the infamous pedophile "Davidsfarm" on youtube. Chang, along with countless other youtube users, including myself..spent HOURS flagging down Davidsfarm videos and making phone calls to companies that were advertising on Davidsfarm's videos. 

Because of the efforts of countless people, a known convicted pedophile on youtube (David Rock aka Davidsfarm) lost his partnership and his conviction of pedophilia was exposed to the public.

After Chang died, singledad03 aka Ken Rice tried to delete every comment he had ever made about Chang being a "pedo"...singledad03 also deleted the "Pedochang" account he had created to harass Chang from.

Why did Singledad03 aka Ken Rice hate Chang so much, you might ask? Because Chang caught Singledad03 on blogtv using his daughters (singledad's) to "catch pedos"...

At least that's the story Ken Rice gave Chang when he was questioned as to why he had his kids posing on blogtv, in front of a room full of grown men.

So let's take a look at some of the things Singledad03 aka Ken Rice from
Milledgeville, Georgia tried to hide after Chang died.

The video Ken Rice aka Singledad03 does not want you to see.

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