Friday, December 23, 2011

Here is an example of the lengths that Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina..and her stalking friend, Tracy Gamble, from Barry Wales will go to in order to stalk and harass people online.

A video that Pamela Cook made that contains a picture of a youtube user's child. Pamela Cook shares this Channel with her stalking partner, Tracy Gamble

UPDATE: The above video has been flagged down for bullying and harassment (FINALLY!) Sheryl Tracy Gamble is now saying that channel belonged to Pamela Cook.

You can see Dale (montagraph) feigning disgust in the comment section. However, he made supportive comments about the video, the first time it was uploaded.

And here is a video that Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina made, threatening the mother of the child she has in her video above.

But that's not all....Pamela Cook has also harassed and stalked a woman who lost her son. Pamela Cook tells the woman she should kill herself. What you hear is how Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina typically acts online.

Pamela Cook berating a woman who's son had died, she then tells the woman to commit suicide.

Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina having a psychotic break while she wears a tinfoil hat. She is convinced the can communicate with aliens through her flashlight. Also included are examples of Pamela Cook gloating that she is a cyber bully on youtube...and making threats to ruin a persons life.

The really ironic thing is...Pamela Cook's old user name was "GreatAmericanMom"  ....that doesn't sound like a "great" mom to me.

A simple search of her youtube comments under that user name will turn up comments like "you're a cum drunk fetus faced whore"..."fatfuck go brush your teeth" etc.

Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina has been stalking and harassing youtube users for a long, long her comments will show.


Cyber Stalking Survivor said...

Cyber Stalking Survivor said...

This blog was written by Mindy Ward a known puppy mill owner bad cyber stalker she writes blogs about people she dislikes an then she stalks their entire families.

Cyber Stalking Survivor said...

This is Mindy the writer of this blog and real stalker of the internet. She is passing on information about another You Tube user to known internet STALKERS HARRY ABNER AND FORREST C JAMISON she passed photos of children school address's and other damning information that she had data mined from the internet. MINDY WARD IS KROTCHVOMIT a known internet stalker!!! and CYBER BULLY,,, and she is BUSTED.

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