Friday, December 23, 2011

Circle of Stalkers

A little history of Dale's (montagraph) stalking. He's done this before

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker he uses to harass youtube users. Her name is Tracy Gamble and she has admitted she is attracted to kids. She had flagged this video before, because it showed what a liar and a stalker she really is. She admits her guilt at the end of the video.

A mirrored video that contains an orginal video that Tracy Gamble had made, describing her exact methods she uses to stalk and harass people.

A mirrored video of a comment that Tracy Gamble made, where she says that it's ok for her to stalk children and that kids are "fair game"

A mirrored video of Tracy Gamble's online boyfriend, theboohooeffects. This video contains information he used to have on his old channel. He admits that he fights FOR pedophiles. There's also a picture of Tracy Gamble's husband at the end of the video (lol Summerteeth aka "thepantywarrior")

A mirrored video showing comments that Tracy Gamble has made, regarding her interest in stalking children.

A video of Tracy Gamble and her internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects trolling handicapped kids

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker, Tracy Gamble admitting that she frequents a sociopath forum. She states that she uses people as her "toys"

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker, Tracy Gamble admitting that she stalks people and steals peoples pictures from their facebook accounts to use to harass her victims. She admits that she has stolen pictures of children.

Pamela Cook, the woman who is addicted to pain killers. This is the woman who has made several failed "doxing" attempts on the youtube user KrotchVomit. Now she is stalking a woman named Dana, because she thinks that's who KrotchVomit is. lololol. Pamela Cook is dumb.This is who Dale (montagraph) gets his "intel" from. Fail.

Tracy Gamble's internet boyfriend, theboohooeffects making sexual comments about a 5 year old little boy. He shares that channel with Tracy Gamble. He has also made supportive comments towards Davidsfarm, a notorious child molester. After seeing this comment, you'll know why he supported Davidsfarm. 

A video about Tracy Gamble's online boyfriend, Theboohooeffects. This was when he got busted for lying about being a Marine on his TNPtrollkiller account. You'll also see evidence of his stalking in the comment section of the video.

These are the people that Dale aka Montagraph uses to aid him in his stalking ventures. People who make sexual comments about kids, lie about being in the military, people who hang out on sociopath forums...and people who admit they stalk peoples facebook accounts and steal pictures of other peoples children.

And let's not forget tinfoil hat wearing Pamela Cook, a woman who is addicted to pain killers..and harasses people by making videos about them using pictures of their children in her videos.

Now you can see why everyone calls them team "FailForce" 

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