Friday, December 23, 2011

Chang13a speaks

Here are some videos that Chang13a had made before he died.

He was stalked and harassed by Dale (montagraph) , Tracy Gamble, Tracy's internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects and Teslacoils (Dean Roger Ray)

A video Chang made about Tracy Gamble, the infamous stalker from Barry, Wales.

Another video Chang made about Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales

A video Chang made about Tracy Gamble (full name Sheryl Tracy Gamble) the stalker from Barry, Wales. Chang talks about Tracy Gamble's stalking and how she posed as a minor on the internet, so she could have cybersex with kids.

A video Chang made proving that Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales is a habitual liar and stalker.

A video that Chang made. The comment section is full of threats from Teslacoil (Dean Roger Ray). Tracy Gamble gave Changs personal information to Teslacoils, who is a mentally disturbed psycho. This is the same man that Tracy Gamble consipred with, to have a youtube user beheaded. You can see in the comment section, Tracy Gamble telling her stalking friend that she has the personal information of a youtube user up on her channel.

A video that I made, that contains proof that Dale (montagraph) Tracy Gamble and her internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects..harassed and stalked Chang13a. These same people also harassed Chang's family..including his 11 year old little sister.

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