Saturday, December 31, 2011

There used to be a youtube user named Chang13a. He was bullied, stalked and harassed on a daily basis by Dale (montagraph) Tracy Gamble, Tracy's internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects and Tracy's psychotic friend, Dean Roger Ray (aka Teslacoils)

Another person who is in that group stalked Chang constantly. That persons name is Ken Rice aka Singledad03.

Ken Rice used to monitor Changs youtube channel for any tiny thing he could find, to bully Chang with. If Chang had favorited anime videos, in Ken's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo". If Chang uploaded a video of his female friends, in Ken's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo"

If Chang favorited a Boxxy video, in Ken Rice's eyes..that meant Chang was a "pedo"

Singledad03 aka Ken Rice had accused Chang of uploading a video of young girls "spreading their legs". This is a lie...and no such video has ever been seen.

Chang13a was a fighter against pedophiles. He worked  tirelessly to bring down the infamous pedophile "Davidsfarm" on youtube. Chang, along with countless other youtube users, including myself..spent HOURS flagging down Davidsfarm videos and making phone calls to companies that were advertising on Davidsfarm's videos. 

Because of the efforts of countless people, a known convicted pedophile on youtube (David Rock aka Davidsfarm) lost his partnership and his conviction of pedophilia was exposed to the public.

After Chang died, singledad03 aka Ken Rice tried to delete every comment he had ever made about Chang being a "pedo"...singledad03 also deleted the "Pedochang" account he had created to harass Chang from.

Why did Singledad03 aka Ken Rice hate Chang so much, you might ask? Because Chang caught Singledad03 on blogtv using his daughters (singledad's) to "catch pedos"...

At least that's the story Ken Rice gave Chang when he was questioned as to why he had his kids posing on blogtv, in front of a room full of grown men.

So let's take a look at some of the things Singledad03 aka Ken Rice from
Milledgeville, Georgia tried to hide after Chang died.

The video Ken Rice aka Singledad03 does not want you to see.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheryl Tracy Gamble- Gaughan likes to stalk

Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales..the same person who stalked the youtube user Chang13a and his family until he committed suicide, is STILL stalking him. This is Dale's (montagraph) partner in crime. This is who Dale (montagraph) uses to help him stalk and harass people online. 

Another youtube user has documented Sheryl Tracy Gamble's stalking activities..which you can see here:

More youtube users come forward to stand up against Sheryl Tracy Gamble and her stalking 

In the above video, you will see Sheryl Tracy Gamble admitting that she is a will also see how she continually lies about her age, first pretending to be a "minor"

You will also see Sheryl Tracy Gamble admitting that her friend Dale (montagraph) is a "troll" and "cointelpro"

Sheryl Tracy Gamble also admits in the video that she "hates Gam"..aka Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina...who is Sheryl Tracy Gamble's stalking partner.

You will also see Sheryl Tracy Gamble make a comment about another youtube user, saying : "If she was within reach I would beat her fucking head in for her"..she then goes on to talk about how she thinks she found someone to kill that youtube user.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Here is an example of the lengths that Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina..and her stalking friend, Tracy Gamble, from Barry Wales will go to in order to stalk and harass people online.

A video that Pamela Cook made that contains a picture of a youtube user's child. Pamela Cook shares this Channel with her stalking partner, Tracy Gamble

UPDATE: The above video has been flagged down for bullying and harassment (FINALLY!) Sheryl Tracy Gamble is now saying that channel belonged to Pamela Cook.

You can see Dale (montagraph) feigning disgust in the comment section. However, he made supportive comments about the video, the first time it was uploaded.

And here is a video that Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina made, threatening the mother of the child she has in her video above.

But that's not all....Pamela Cook has also harassed and stalked a woman who lost her son. Pamela Cook tells the woman she should kill herself. What you hear is how Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina typically acts online.

Pamela Cook berating a woman who's son had died, she then tells the woman to commit suicide.

Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina having a psychotic break while she wears a tinfoil hat. She is convinced the can communicate with aliens through her flashlight. Also included are examples of Pamela Cook gloating that she is a cyber bully on youtube...and making threats to ruin a persons life.

The really ironic thing is...Pamela Cook's old user name was "GreatAmericanMom"  ....that doesn't sound like a "great" mom to me.

A simple search of her youtube comments under that user name will turn up comments like "you're a cum drunk fetus faced whore"..."fatfuck go brush your teeth" etc.

Pamela Cook, from Newberry South Carolina has been stalking and harassing youtube users for a long, long her comments will show.

Chang13a speaks

Here are some videos that Chang13a had made before he died.

He was stalked and harassed by Dale (montagraph) , Tracy Gamble, Tracy's internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects and Teslacoils (Dean Roger Ray)

A video Chang made about Tracy Gamble, the infamous stalker from Barry, Wales.

Another video Chang made about Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales

A video Chang made about Tracy Gamble (full name Sheryl Tracy Gamble) the stalker from Barry, Wales. Chang talks about Tracy Gamble's stalking and how she posed as a minor on the internet, so she could have cybersex with kids.

A video Chang made proving that Tracy Gamble, the stalker from Barry, Wales is a habitual liar and stalker.

A video that Chang made. The comment section is full of threats from Teslacoil (Dean Roger Ray). Tracy Gamble gave Changs personal information to Teslacoils, who is a mentally disturbed psycho. This is the same man that Tracy Gamble consipred with, to have a youtube user beheaded. You can see in the comment section, Tracy Gamble telling her stalking friend that she has the personal information of a youtube user up on her channel.

A video that I made, that contains proof that Dale (montagraph) Tracy Gamble and her internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects..harassed and stalked Chang13a. These same people also harassed Chang's family..including his 11 year old little sister.

Circle of Stalkers

A little history of Dale's (montagraph) stalking. He's done this before

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker he uses to harass youtube users. Her name is Tracy Gamble and she has admitted she is attracted to kids. She had flagged this video before, because it showed what a liar and a stalker she really is. She admits her guilt at the end of the video.

A mirrored video that contains an orginal video that Tracy Gamble had made, describing her exact methods she uses to stalk and harass people.

A mirrored video of a comment that Tracy Gamble made, where she says that it's ok for her to stalk children and that kids are "fair game"

A mirrored video of Tracy Gamble's online boyfriend, theboohooeffects. This video contains information he used to have on his old channel. He admits that he fights FOR pedophiles. There's also a picture of Tracy Gamble's husband at the end of the video (lol Summerteeth aka "thepantywarrior")

A mirrored video showing comments that Tracy Gamble has made, regarding her interest in stalking children.

A video of Tracy Gamble and her internet boyfriend Theboohooeffects trolling handicapped kids

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker, Tracy Gamble admitting that she frequents a sociopath forum. She states that she uses people as her "toys"

Dale's (montagraph) lead stalker, Tracy Gamble admitting that she stalks people and steals peoples pictures from their facebook accounts to use to harass her victims. She admits that she has stolen pictures of children.

Pamela Cook, the woman who is addicted to pain killers. This is the woman who has made several failed "doxing" attempts on the youtube user KrotchVomit. Now she is stalking a woman named Dana, because she thinks that's who KrotchVomit is. lololol. Pamela Cook is dumb.This is who Dale (montagraph) gets his "intel" from. Fail.

Tracy Gamble's internet boyfriend, theboohooeffects making sexual comments about a 5 year old little boy. He shares that channel with Tracy Gamble. He has also made supportive comments towards Davidsfarm, a notorious child molester. After seeing this comment, you'll know why he supported Davidsfarm. 

A video about Tracy Gamble's online boyfriend, Theboohooeffects. This was when he got busted for lying about being a Marine on his TNPtrollkiller account. You'll also see evidence of his stalking in the comment section of the video.

These are the people that Dale aka Montagraph uses to aid him in his stalking ventures. People who make sexual comments about kids, lie about being in the military, people who hang out on sociopath forums...and people who admit they stalk peoples facebook accounts and steal pictures of other peoples children.

And let's not forget tinfoil hat wearing Pamela Cook, a woman who is addicted to pain killers..and harasses people by making videos about them using pictures of their children in her videos.

Now you can see why everyone calls them team "FailForce" 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video Archives

My video proving that Tracy is a pathological liar. The comments are comments Tracy made after she got busted trying to pretend that she was a minor. For a year Tracy Gamble tried to pretend she was a minor in order to gain sexual contact with children online.

A video I made, showing how Tracy Gamble, Pamela Cook , Dale Johnson (Montagraph) and Tracy's internet boyfriend theboohooeffects..harassed, stalked and slandered a man who later committed suicide.

A video Pamela Cook made threatening Mrsanondick

A video I had made proving that Tracy Gamble is the one who originally used the name "Paige" (when Tracy was trying to pretend she was a minor)

A sexual comment Theboohooeffects made a bout a 5 year old little boy, from a channel he shares with Tracy Gamble

A video that Dale Johnson (montagraph) made when he was fighting with theboohooeffects...but don't worry, they have made up now (lololol)

A video Tracy Gamble made when she had a spat with her internet boyfriend, theboohooeffect. They havemade up and he's back to lapping up her snail slime

Pamela Cook's husband (K. Douglas Cook) calling his college students dumb and threatening Chang13a (a man who committed suicide)

Audio of Pamela Cook abusing a woman who's son had died and Pamela tells the woman to commit suicide

Pamela Cook gloating that she is a bully on youtube

Pamela Cook telling a youtube user that she is going to ruin his life. She later calls the man's 80 year old father and harasses him, asking him if she could "suck his cock" before hanging up the phone. A police report was filed by the old man.

Pamela Cook when she had a psychotic break. She is convinced that she can communicate with aliens if she wears a tinfoil hat.

A video of comments that Tracy Gamble made to Pamela Cook last year, admitting that she has lesbian feelings towards Pamela.

A video that Tracy Gamble made, defending a man that has made numerous death threats to youtube users. This is the same man that Tracy Gamble conspired with to murder another youtube user.

A video Tracy Gamble made to her internet boyfriend, Theboohooeffects when they had yet another lovers quarrel. Ironic, considering she is married.

A video Tracy Gamble made, weeping because her internet boyfriend theboohooeffects decided he was going to ditch her. Tracy threatens a youtube user at the end of the video...but first she admits that theboohooeffects is a drunk (lololol)

Yet ANOTHER video Tracy Gamble made, berating her internet boyfriend, theboohooeffects. She claims he had no problem with her stalking kids while they were together..but since they broke up he fakes disgust with it (but he does the same thing and they both make sexual comments directed towards children) Shown are comments he made confirming that his girlfriend, Tracy Gamble (and) Pamela Cook both stalk children

A video Dale Johnson (montagraph) made when he was fighting with the boohooeffect (Tracy Gamble's internet boyfriend)..however theboohooeffect has forgiven Dale, because boohoo has no friends irl and needs to fit in somewhere.

The last video that sheryl Tracy Gamble made before she ran away from youtube (she's still lurking though, like a roach in the shadows)   

Sheryl Tracy Gamble's video she made confirming that Pamela Cook from Newberry, South Carolina did indeed "dox" an innocent woman. Tracy also shows that she is the owner of the Tgamblehometruths channel, the same channel that made a comment about masturbating while thinking about a 5 year old child. She shares that channel with her internet boyfriend, theboohooeffects.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble, from Barry, Wales abuses her own child in a sick attempt to blame someone else for it

There will be more posted as I process the videos.